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Fitting the screw in the slide, the slide fastener (1) and baseta anti-slip underneath the fastener (2).
Mount fasteners in the seat watching the correct positioning (AA and BB). Attach the seat washer screw nuts without giving the final tightening.
Align the seat with washer moving it sideways, forward or backward (1). Do not let side clearance between the fasteners and the seat (2).
Keeping the seat positioned correctly, tighten the screws and close the lid of the fasteners.

- Universal- Bali- Versato / Fit- Luxo- Ibiza- Stylus- Riviera/ Mondiale
Installation Instructions

Check out some tips for better maintenance of your toilet seat.

Use only mild soap and water with a soft cloth, as some cleaners can damage the seat.

After cleaning, rinse the seat with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

The raised toilet seat will remain if the toilet is not used daily, otherwise gases from cleaners / disinfectants can attack the seat.

Periodically check and fix if necessary do the tightening.

Do not sit or climb on the seat cover.